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Michael R Tessman


Peter & Paul Embracing

Saints Peter & Paul Embracing

This 14th century Icon is emblematic of the tradition of Christian Reconciliation. It represents the events told in the New Testament book of the Acts of Apostles, specifically the Jerusalem Council during which the two patriarchal figures, Peter (disciple of Jesus and first apostle) and Paul (Saul of Tarsus, convert and apostolic writer of epistles) we’re reconciled after a bitter dispute over how Jews and Gentiles are both inheritors of Christ’s Kingdom “on earth, as in heaven”.

Reason in a Dark Time

No matter how big or small we might think our impact is we are all climate change decision makers. This moment, the time you are reading this article…

Reason in a Dark Time

Excellent as usual. I’m experimenting with this medium. We have installed Solar – 17 panels, south facing, to be connected to grid tomorrow April 8th. Thought you’d like to know!

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